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Vampire Facial Burlington

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The vampire facial is a treatment at our Burlington clinic that rejuvenates skin with plasma. This treatment is also known as a vampire facelift. A vampire facial uses plasma from your own body. It is a very natural skin treatment for patients. Visible results come after 2 to 3 treatments. We treat the face, neck areas and also treat hair loss.

Face and neck skin areas are more susceptible to aging. One reason is because of exposure. Another reason is face and neck skin is very thin. Several treatments are recommended spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. The face and neck are the first areas seen when meeting other people. First impressions are important to us all.

Vampire facials cause acceleration of natural collagen production in the skin. Collagen is depleted with age and it needs rejuvenated more often as we get older. Collagen It's what makes skin look firm and youthful.

Vampire Facial Preparation For A Burlington Patient

Vampire Facials Restore Collagen

A vampire facial uses your own blood. But not all of it. We use the plasma in your blood.

The plasma portion, once injected, accelerates collagen production. The plasma in blood contains what we call growth factors.

Growth factors are a naturally occurring protein capable of stimulating cell proliferation and wound healing. These growth factors quicken healthy skin cell turnover.

Aging skin in the face and neck is a concern for many. We can treat these areas without surgery through many non-surgical treatments. The vampire facial is a great way to start.

The body naturally generates collagen for each of us daily. This process begins to slow for most people in their mid thirties. Signs of skin aging begin to show.

Skin needs collagen as a firm base. The loss of collagen causes skin aging and wrinkle formation. The vampire facial stops and reverses collagen depletion due to aging.

Vampire Facial Treatment Procedure

The treatment begins when you arrive at our Burlington medical clinic. First we withdraw a vial of blood and separate your plasma. We use advanced medical equipment to separate the plasma. Then we inject the plasma into your face and neck areas.

Collagen growth starts right after the treatment. Patients experience some redness and a bit of discomfort for about 24 hours. A gel mask is applied right after treatment to help with this. This begins the process to reverse visible aging of skin. We recommend three consecutive sessions. We schedule three treatments 4 weeks apart as needed to keep your skin youthful.

Research shows that clients like the idea of natural skin renewal. They like that there is no risk of adverse reaction. Treatments don’t get more natural than a vampire facial. Adding microneedling to a vampire facial can speed up skin rejuvenation even more.