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Vampire Facial Using Micro-Needling Shows The Before And After Treatment Results

A vampire facial using microneedling speeds up skin repair. It accelerates collagen and elastin production. Production of collagen is important to your skin. Natural collagen production in our body is best when we are young. It is what makes our skin look young. Nobody wants loose and wrinkled skin. Unfortunately, it happens to everyone at some point in life.

Vampire Facial & Microneedling Results

Vampire Neck Facial Using Micro-Needling On The Neck Shows Wrinkles Disappear
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The before and after treatment photos are incredible. The woman's neck looks 10 years younger. You can see the results of combining a vampire facial with micro-needling. The technology is good at speeding up results. The combined treatments accelerate collagen production. The skin appears rejuvenated. It looks young like it did some years before. Loose and sagging skin respond well to this combined treatment.

A series of 3 treatments is what is necessary for some people. Others may require more. We schedule treatments every 4 weeks. This allows skin to recover from the treatment for optimal results.

What Is Medical-Grade Microneedling?

It is an advanced medical procedure. We use a process that utilizes medical needle technology. Multiple tiny needles in a medical device penetrate the skin. This penetration is better for skin absorption. Well trained aesthetic nurses perform the procedure.

The multiple needle device creates a controlled injury to the skin. This physician grade medical device has an adjustable needle tip. It allows our licensed nurses to vary the depth of penetration. This occurs throughout the treatment. We create tiny entry points in the skin. The multiple entry points allow for maximum absorption. This accelerates skin repair.

Microneedling Versus Derma Rollers

You may have seen ads about home versions. Save your money. Our treatment is more advanced. It is better than any product you can buy for home use. It is far superior to any derma-roller you can buy online. Learn more about microneedling versus derma rollers. 

Vampire Facials For Many Conditions

  • Minimizes acne scarring by creating collagen.
  • Softens & minimizes unsightly stretch marks.
  • Lightens some hyper-pigmentation & sun spots.
  • Builds collagen & reduces appearance of pores.
  • Brings back the glow of younger looking skin.

You can see the long list of benefits. We recommend microneedling with all vampire facials. Schedule an appointment. We can discuss all of our cosmetic injectables. Let us help you look younger.

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