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Vampire Facial Results Before And After Treatment Show Skin Spots Disappear

The vampire facial is a treatment that targets skin rejuvenation. It is known as a vampire facelift as well. It is one of the latest trends in skin care treatment. A vampire facial rejuvenates aging skin tissue. We treat your face and neck areas. We also treat loose skin in the upper arms.

Face and neck skin areas are more susceptible to aging. This is because of exposure. These areas are the first areas seen by others as well. First impressions are important. Vampire facials help with first impressions when meeting others. The procedure works by accelerating natural collagen production. Collagen is in your existing skin tissue. It's what makes skin look young.

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Vampire Facials Use Your Own Blood

It's a facial that uses your own blood. The plasma portion of your blood contains growth factors. It  quickens healthy activity of skin cell turnover. These areas are a concern for many people. The face and adjoining neck area is what people see first.

Aging and loose skin in the face, neck and arms is a concern for many. Loose and sagging skin can be treated without surgery. The vampire facial is a great way to treat loose skin.

Your body naturally generates collagen for each of us daily. This happens until age about 35. Unfortunately, as we age our body's natural collagen production slows down. This causes skin aging and wrinkle formation. The vampire facial is an advanced medical grade procedure. It accelerates skin renewal quickly.

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Vampire Facial - How It's Done

The treatment begins when you arrive at our medical spa. First we withdraw a vial of blood and separate your plasma. We use advanced medical equipment to separate the plasma. Then we inject the plasma into your face and neck areas. Wrinkle Free By Me Medspa treats upper arms as well.

Collagen growth starts right after vampire facial treatment. It is not painful and there is zero down time. You will experience some redness in your face for about 24 hours. Makeup usually covers the redness for women. Men just deal with it for the most part. This begins the process to reverse the visible aging of skin. We recommend three consecutive sessions. We schedule sessions every 4 to 8 weeks.

Research shows that clients like the idea of natural skin renewal. They like that there is no risk of adverse reaction. Treatments don’t get more natural than a vampire facial.

Some facial fillers can provide another source for building new collagen. They can be used to accelerate vampire facial the results. Radiesse is the dermal filler we recommend for building collagen. Adding micro-needling can speed up the results even more.

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Vampire Facial For Hair Loss

The same procedure that produces vampire facial results is also used to treat hair loss. Injections are done in the hairline instead of the face or neck. Anyone experiencing hair loss is essentially a good candidate for treatments. It is proven to immediately reduce hair loss in both men and women. It will also improve growth of existing hair. The treatment starts hair growth and reverses thinning. This ultimately results in increased hair density. We recommend a continuous monthly treatment plan for best results.