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Vampire Facial Results Before And After Treatment
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A vampire facial is a treatment that targets skin rejuvenation. It rejuvenates aging skin tissue in your face and neck areas by accelerating natural collagen production. Face and neck skin areas are more susceptible to aging because of exposure. These areas are a concern for many as your face and adjoining neck area is what people see first. Your body naturally generates collagen for each of us every day of our life. Unfortunately, as we age our body's natural collagen production slows down and this causes skin aging and wrinkle formation. The vampire facial is an advanced medical grade procedure that accelerates this process to renew skin quickly.

Vampire Facial - The Treatment

After you arrive at our medical spa for treatment, we use advanced medical equipment to treat your face and neck areas. It is not painful and there is no down time. The process to grow new collagen and reverse the signs of aging begins immediately after treatment. Our research shows that clients like the idea of natural rejuvenation versus using other products for a cosmetic benefit. This is primarily because there is no risk of adverse reaction. It doesn’t get more natural than a vampire facial! Facial fillers can provide another source for building new collagen and can be used to accelerate the results. Adding micro-needling can speed up the results even more.

Restoration To Treat Thinning Hair

The same procedure that produces vampire facial results is also used to treat hair loss. It is proven to immediately reduce hair loss in both men and women. It will also improves growth of existing hair. The treatment increases the growing phase of hair and reverses thinning which ultimately results in increased density. We recommend a continuous monthly treatment plan for best results.