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Under Eye Filler Burlington

Erase Dark Circles - $50 Instant Rebate

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Under eye filler targets under eye dark circles and sometimes eye bags. Under eye dark circles are caused by collagen loss under the eye which is a natural occurance from skin aging. We use under eye filler to replace the loss. Under eye dark circles are caused by depleted collagen levels. We can correct these under eye conditions by injecting under eye filler into the affected area. The result is a less tired appearance and a much younger appearance for the patient. Book a free consultation in Burlington.

Under Eye Filler Made This Burlington Patient's Dark Circles Disappear

Under eye filler consists of hyaluronic acid which offers excellent integration into the skin restoring lost collagen under your eyes.

It is the loss of this collagen in the middle layer of the skin which causes dark circles under the eyes. The good news is we can correct this concern with under eye filler.

We inject under eye filler to restore the depleted collagen. We inject filler in the middle layer of the skin to a level that existed when you were younger. 

Our filler is a high quality under eye filler that has been proven safe and well-tolerated in studies.

It has been on the market and well tested in thousands of patients. Learn about
Merz Aesthetics the creator of our under eye filler.

In addition, our under eye filler contains lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience.

Using eye filler is less invasive than surgery and far less expensive.

PLEASE NOTE: Under Eye Fillers do not correct skin hyper-pigmentation, but our Chemical Peel will.

See more before and after treatment photos of other cosmetic treatments and the amazing results achieved. 

Under Eye Filler For A Younger Appearance

Under eye filler improves facial appearance and everyone is interested in appearance. Under eye filler is used under the eyes to eliminate dark circles and sometimes eye bags.

How do under eye dark circles develop? The appearance of dark circles is due to age and losing collagen under the eyes year after year. Collagen is not replaced by our body as fast as we age. We fill the void in collagen loss caused by aging. Dark circles that developed from collagen loss, and are not pigmentation, are immediately eliminated. The photo above shows incredible results. Results that can be achieved in one visit. Read our client reviews. We think you'll like them.