Trudy DiFranco

Trudy DiFrancoTrudy DiFranco, RPN, is a gifted and experienced cosmetic nurse injector. Aesthetic injection without surgery has been her passion and this passion is the basis of her nursing career. Aesthetics comes naturally to her and is part of what makes her a very talented nurse injector. Trudy completed her training through APT Medical Aesthetics and she continually advances her artistic techniques by attending cutting-edge training workshops. Trudy’s skills allow her to restore the youthful appearance of faces by relaxing facial muscles with Xeomin, the newest "Botox type" wrinkle relaxer. She also injects dermal fillers such as Belotero and Bellafill where needed to lift and diminish wrinkle lines caused by aging. Trudy recommends frequent follow-up appointments to fine-tune individual results as facial features are always changing in all of us.

Here is what clients are saying about Trudy. "I strongly feel that Trudy has my best interest at hand and continue to feel like my individual needs and vision are being understood and realized in an efficient and affordable manner. I would highly recommend Trudy and this clinic to anyone looking for skin care and other aesthetic services." - Michelle M.

Jill Misangyi, founder and owner of Wrinkle Free By Me Inc., is excited to have Trudy as a team addition. Jill says, "Trudy has an eye for cosmetic facial restoration which is what is needed to achieve the best results for clients. She has a passion for creating happy clients and I like that. I know our clients will as well."