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Skin Tightening Burlington

Body Contouring HIFU Ultrasound $495

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Skin tightening HIFU ultrasound treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to tighten sagging dermis in the face, neck and decollete. Body contouring is for the arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, bra roll, and love handles. The skin tightening procedure is safe, non-invasive and pain-free with no down-time.

Facial Skin Tightening HIFU Ultrasound Treatment Result Shows Younger Appearance For Burlington Patient
HIFU Body Contouring Results Show Patients Slimmed Torso After Treatment
Skin Tightening Ultrasound Compared To Other Available Treatment Options Shows Better Results In Less Treatments

HIFU - How Does It Work?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology is used at different depths (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 16mm) to accurately and effectively transmit energy waves to multiple layers of the dermis. These include the collagen layer, epidermis layer, dermis layer and fat/fascia layer (also known as SMAS) . The deeper penetration to the SMAS layer makes the therapeutic effect far better than other skin tightening technology such as radiofrequency, also known as Thermage.

Stimulating heat energy at these deeper layers triggers the cellular repair process in which collagen is produced and the fascia is tightened. Collagen is an important building block as it improves the support structure for tighter skin and elasticity.

This also works for body contouring because it can focus on deeper layers, like SMAS, where fat is stored by the body. HIFU in fact goes deeper than any other body contouring procedure currently on the market. This means faster and better results for patients and at a lower cost!

Shows 5 Star Skin Tightening Google Review In Burlington

Skin Tightening Patient Review

So, what do our patients think about the results of skin tightening HIFU ultrasound? Are you a bit skeptical about the results that can be achieved? Are you wondering if it will work for you? Well, we thought we would share a patient review after having the procedure. This patient was a 40 year old woman who needed skin tightening on her stomach area. Since this was not a face or neck application, it falls under the body contouring category. Read her thoughts after a single appointment for stomach tightening. Her expectations are that at least visits spaced 1 month apart will be required to get the results she wants. She is obviously thrilled with the immediate results that she was able to see in just a single visit. We want to help everyone who is interested in skin tightening and reducing body fat with body contouring ultrasound. Book an appointment which includes a free consultation and we will discuss what can be achieved for you.

HIFU Questions & Answers

Does High Frequency Focused Ultrasound work on body fat?

High Frequency Focused Ultrasound does reduce fat on the body while reducing the circumference of the thighs, arms, buttocks and stomach. The end result is tightened skin while unwanted lumps and fat shrink and appear more defined.

How many appointments are needed?

To get long-lasting results we recommend 3 HIFU sessions spaced 30 to 45 days apart. Some patients may need extra sessions depending on genetics, age and metabolism.

How long will the results last?

Results in some patients have lasted up to 2 years. We advise patients to expect a maintenance treatment every 12 months to retain the results.

How painful is HIFU treatment?

Patients report the procedure is not painful because it's non-invasive. There are no needles involved making it a mostly pain-free experience.

HIFU Ultrasound Skin TighteningTechnology Is Performed With An Advanced Medical Device As Shown

More On Skin Tightening Ultrasound

Today there are various energy-based technologies designed to treat facial lines and wrinkles. Aggressive options (such as lasers) can cause significant damage to the dermis, leading to a long healing period. There can be considerable downtime with a high risk of side effects too. Ultrasound HIFU energy is much gentler on the skin than laser therapy.

Even radiofrequency microneedling can be uncomfortable, risky and require downtime. Other energy generating skin tightening and body contouring technologies have shown limited efficacy. In most cases, other skin tightening technology requires too many sessions. Extra treatments are costly for the patient too.

HIFU's unique technology enables the controlled delivery of energy, in terms of amount and location, while protecting the dermis and adjacent tissues. Even better, there is no downtime. Most important, HIFU skin tightening and body contouring does the work faster. This means less sessions. This saves our patients money.

HIFU ultrasound does not use laser heat energy to promote the metabolic breakdown of damaged tissues underneath. It provides a comfortable heat that is easier on the patient. There can be unnecessary damage to the dermis and underlying layers when too much laser heat at high temperatures is applied. With HIFU ultrasound, we can protect the other tissue layers while treating deeper tissues and fibers to naturally lift the skin.

So how does the treatment feel to the patient? As the ultrasound energy is delivered, you may feel some warmness in treated area. Some patients have reported minor pain sensations but for the most part it is pain free. Following the treatment, there are no sensations and there is no need to apply special care. Normal activites can be resumed immediately post treatment.

Results can be seen after 2 to 3 sessions. Anytime your body is building new collagen, it takes time. That means a few months. Patient results have been excellent. We have dermal fillers that give an instant collagen boost if needed. Fillers, relaxer and threads all work into the treatment plan.

Get started on your HIFU journey with an obligation-free consultation. We can help you determine how HIFU can work for you. Firmness is felt if not seen immediately. The path to firmer younger looking you can be your path as the treatment starts your body’s wound healing process right away. Patients see clinically significant tissue lift and tightening over the following two to three months.

Our philosophy at Wrinkle Free Med Spa begins with a holistic assessment of where you’re at and your overall cosmetic goals. This may mean HIFU or a combination of other treatment options; hydrafacials, thread lifts, cellulite fat dissolving injections, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle relaxer injections and more.

All of these treatment options are in our arsenal to build a treatment plan that gets the results you want. And please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have. We want to hear from you so we can start working together on a refreshed and confident you.

HIFU Pre-Treatment & Post-Treatment Instructions

As a precaution we recommend the following patient actions prior to skin tightening or body contouring HIFU ultrasound treatment.

HIFU Pre-treatment Instructions:

Stop all chemical peels including benzoyl peroxides, Retin A, Tazorac, Triluma, Differin, and Vitamin C or any other irritants (3) days prior to ultrasound treatment.

If you have any history of cold sores or fever blisters the patient may wish to check with their physician on whether it is necessary to start prescription antiviral medication to avoid possible viral reaction to ultrasound.

Do not wear any makeup, moisturizers or serums on the day of treatment.

HIFU Post-treatment Instructions:

It is normal for the area treated to have a some redness and slight swelling after treatment.

Makeup can be applied immediately post treatment.

Waxing, tweezing, and depilatory creams (hair removal) can be resumed three (3) days post treatment.

Avoid hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and exercise post treatment for three (3) days.

All chemical peels including benzoyl peroxides, Retin A, Tazorac, Triluma, Differin, and Vitamin C or any other irritants can be resumed three (3) days post treatment.

Please continue applying sunblock daily to maximize your results and minimize irritation.

Post procedure skincare regimen will be suggested by our staff to maximize your treatment result.

All other cosmetic medical procedures can be resumed seven (7) days after treatment.




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