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Relax facial wrinkles at our medical spa. We use the most advanced product on the market. We have licensed and skilled nurses for exact injection. They inject it into facial muscles which softens them. Facial wrinkles cease movement for about 90 days. The exact number of days varies due to face muscle genetics. Product longevity depends on environment and lifestyle as well.

Facial Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment Areas
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Relaxers Stop Wrinkle Contractions

Once face muscles stop repetitive contractions, new wrinkles stop forming. Existing face wrinkles stop getting worse. Start early in life and stay on a 90-day appointment schedule. We treat crow's feet around the eyes the same way. Our reviews show many wrinkle free and happy clients.

Relax Facial Wrinkles To Stop Repetitive Muscle Contractions

A Purified Wrinkle Relaxer Is Best

The facial wrinkle relaxer we use is special. The manufacturing process delivers a purified product. This purified product is unique compared to other products. Other relaxers on the market can cause an immune response. What is an immune response? Immune response is where a patient becomes immune to a product. Can you imagine not being able to relax facial wrinkles?

Photo Shows The Elimination Of Crow's Feet Around The Eyes
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Relaxers Can Cause Immune Response

Our relaxer is like no other wrinkle relaxer on the market. It does not cause an immune response because it is purified. This purification process is why we choose to use only one product to relax facial wrinkles. Bottom line, the relaxer we use eliminates a potential immune response in patients.

Immune response is a big deal. Professional Beauty magazine clarifies it best in a magazine article. Wrinkle Free By Me is a top quality medical spa. We study all available products and choose the best. We insist on delivering the best available product to our clients. Our clients are not expected to do this. We are the experts, and we look out for our clients. Learn more about the creator of this purified product. Merz Pharmaceuticals produces it.

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Relax your facial wrinkles every 90 days so new wrinkles don't develop. Take a look at our promotions. Make an appointment for a FREE consultation at our medical spa to discuss your frown lines, crow's feet and other mouth and facial wrinkles. We will treat you right after consultation.

We Match Other Medspa Prices So Our Clients Always Get The Best Price

We inject the product in measured units. Exact number of units required varies for each client. The quantity needed depends on facial muscle genetics. Environment and lifestyle are factors as well. The average client needs about 40-60 units of wrinkle relaxer. They need this every 90 days. So relax facial wrinkles with us and stay wrinkle free.

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Before and after shows elimination of facial glabellar facial wrinkles