Our Experienced Medical Director - Dr. Jim Maytham

The Wrinkle Free By Me team is a well-trained team of medical professionals who work under the supervision of Dr. Jim Maytham, our Medical Director. We are dedicated to improving our clients’ youthful appearance through a wide range of safe, effective, and popular treatments.

Medical Director Dr. Jim MaythemDr. Jim Maytham graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland, medical school in 1980 and has practiced in a variety of different specialty areas including emergency medicine. In 1996 Dr. Maytham began his study of Cosmetic Medicine by attending Harvard medical school. Dr. Maytham is highly experienced in procedures of cosmetic injection. This includes injection of botulinum toxin type a which diminishes unwanted facial wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle contractions. His experience extends to the injection of hylauronic acid, also know as facial fillers, which lift wrinkle lines and replace lost volume thereby restoring your youthful appearance.

Dr. Maytham and our skilled nurse injectors can restore your physical appearance and natural beauty with our cosmetic injection techniques. Your facial structure and skin surface are constantly fighting our planet's natural elements. We will work with you to achieve your goals for a more rejuvenated look while maintaining your natural-looking appearance.