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Cosmetic Medical Nurse Samira

Certified Cosmetic Nurse

Wrinkle Free By Me

Cosmetic Nurse Samira Treating Patients

Advanced Cosmetic Medical Nurse

Cosmetic Medical Nurse Samira is a licensed Registered Nurse in Ontario and is certified to perform many procedures. She has experience with hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers which lift wrinkles to the skin surface.This includes facial fillers, cheek fillers, jawline fillers and lip fillers.

Her facial enhancement techniques can minimize patients facial wrinkles and restore collagen loss under the skin. She has experience with CaHA dermal fillers for non-surgical mini face lifts. Her ability in facial enhancement impresses many patients.

She is certified in many other cosmetic medical specialty treatments like thread lifts for loose and sagging skin. She injects areas of body cellulite to dissolve stubborn fat that do not respond to exercise.

Nurse Samira delivers superior facial sculpting results. Her enthusiasm keeps patients smiling. She continues to advance her artistic techniques with dermal fillers by participating in advanced training seminars and workshops with our Medical Director.

Her past experience prior to entering the field of medical aesthetics includes hospital assignments for gastrointestinal procedures, endoscopy and hair transplantation. She is a member of the College of Nurses of Ontario.

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Wrinkle Free By Me