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Mini Face Lift Burlington

3 Syringe Lift - $50 Instant Rebate

Wrinkle Free Med Spa

Get a non-surgical mini face lift using dermal filler. It is less expensive and avoids post surgery recovery time. Filler adds immediate lift where volume has been lost from aging. It lifts wrinkles by replacing depleted collagen in your skin tissue. Collagen is what makes your skin look young. As we age collagen production slows. Fillers temporaily correct the collagen loss and last about 12 months in most patients.

Mini Face Lift Treatment Results In Burlington Show Face Wrinkles Disappear


A non-surgical mini face lift using hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers is a great option to avoid surgery. It is also the least expensive option. It can even correct small areas of loose and sagging skin too, although a thread lift is needed for more advanced skin sag. Once injected, it provides immediate lift and correction. Minor bruising can occur and is natural with multiple syringes being used. These side effects heal quickly and most can be covered with makeup. Brusing can be minimized with our treatment preparation instructions.

In the photo it is easy to see the amazing results. Many facial wrinkles were eliminated entirely and many were minimized.

Mini face lifts with HA fillers generally last 12 months depending on genetic factors, lifestyle and your environment.

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A mini face lift using Radiesse CaHA dermal filler is longer lasting. Why? CaHA fillers have been clinically proven to last up to 24 months in patient trials. Many call this a liquid facelift and it is an economical way to keep a youthful appearance for 24 months while avoiding risky and expensive surgery.

Overall patient satisfaction has been excellent with this advanced filler. The results are immediate and longer lasting because the special filler builds collagen after injected. This has been clinically proven and we have seen the results.

We have used Radiesse CaHA fillers in the neck area as well to correct wrinkles and minor amounts of sagging skin. We have also enhanced contours of the cheek, chin and jawline for a youthful look. Using just a few syringes of CaHA filler gets amazing results. Our choice is Radiesse for a long lasting dermal filler.

Radiesse Dermal Filler Positive Treatment Results Shown For Deeper Deep Face Wrinkles And Hands


As we have just mentioned, dermal fillers with Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) are considered long lasting fillers, but non-permanent filler. Long lasting fillers with CaHA cause the body to produce additional collagen which makes them last longer.

Aging hands lose the look of youth because they lose collagen. Collagen is the support structure that gives skin a youthful look. As we age our body does not replace collagen as fast as when we were younger. Aging hands are the result. This can be corrected with CaHA dermal filler.

See all of our before and after treatment photos. They show more treatment results from cosmetic filler treatments. Then book a free consultation online.