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Facial Fillers

Face, Cheeks & Jaw

Wrinkle Free Med Spa

Facial fillers are known as dermal fillers, wrinkle fillers, cheek fillers, chin fillers and even jawline fillers. They come in a range of viscosities so our licensed nurses can artfully sculpt and restore lost volume. We make sure you look natural and not over done after your treatment. Our artistic injectors lift lines to the skin surface in a subtle and natural manner. You will look younger again and feel better. As you can see from the photo, there are numerous face areas where our range of facial fillers can be inserted to make you look younger.

Facial Filler Result In Perky Cheeks

Perky Cheeks With Cheek Filler

Injectable facial fillers come in a variety of formulations. Each formulation has a specific purpose in facial sculpting. 

Cheek fillers are designed to replace lost collagen volume that occurs with age.

Where are cheek fillers injected? The upper cheek is bordered by the lower edge of the eye socket. The cheek is also bordered by the fold formed from the nostril to the corner of the mouth. The fold is more correctly referred to as the nasolabial fold. The third cheek border is a line sweeping up from the corner of the mouth to the to the ear canal.

This bordered facial area is a triangle above and around your cheekbones. We inject cheek filler into this area to cause the appearance of a more defined bone structure. By injecting volume under the outer skin layer, cheek fillers restore collagen volume lost to age, lift wrinkles and smooth fine lines.

Reshape Chin At Jawline

Facial filler for the chin is designed for use in the chin and near the jawline. We use it to improve facial balance.

Reshaping the chin and softening jowls makes a big difference in your appearance. We improve 'double chins' and sculpt a stronger more defined chin at the jawline.

How is it done? We replace lost volume in the cheeks to lift the face and tighten the skin. Then we inject facial filler in the chin to refill lost volume.

The combination pulls any sagging skin underneath the jaw back up into place.

This is relatively painless as the patient only experiences a few needle pricks. We use a canula to guide the filler into place as we sculpt.

The result is subtle yet effective. The result is perkier cheekbones and a lifted chin.

Facial Filler Reshaped This Womans Jawline

Facial Fillers And Aging

Unfortunately for all of us, lost collagen volume and face lines come with aging and happens to everyone. Depending on genetics and lifestyle, this happens quicker for some people and slower for others. Learn more about  the creator of our facial fillers, Merz Pharma Canada.

Our before and after treatment photos show how we have helped others look younger. Our facial fillers are well-tolerated and are among the safest facial fillers available today. We offer a free consultation with no obligation before every treatment.