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We offer a full cosmetic injectables services menu starting with a no obligation free consultation to get you on the right path to looking younger again. Our services can be conveniently scheduled online by clicking the "Book Now Online" button on this page or by visiting our contact us page to request an appointment. Our cosmetic injectables clinics are located in Burlington and Milton Ontario and are discreet and private. Our anti-ageing treatments are offered to help clients avoid costly plastic surgery and lengthy healing periods. Imagine having a medispa treatment during your lunch hour and heading right back to work without anyone the wiser. We like doing that for our clients.

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Learn More About Under Eye Fillers And How We Treat Under Eye Bags & dark circles

Our cosmetic injectables spa treatments include under eye fillers for under eye bags and dark circles, lip injections,to shape and contour your lips, and dermal filler injections to lift wrinkles. We also perform vampire facials for skin rejuvenation with microneedling to accelerate skin repair. We offer Radiesse dermal filler injection for stubborn deeper wrinkles and also to create younger looking hands. If you have been considering dermal filler injections, facial fillers to lift wrinkle lines, under eye filler to hide dark circles, or other cosmetic injectables for beauty enhancement, contact us today.

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We offer you the highest quality medical-grade cosmetic injectables services at promotion prices. We work closely with our clients in reaching their individual goals of beauty enhancement with different injection products and without the need for surgery. We look forward to working with you in developing your anti-ageing beauty routines. Click below to book now online. It's easy.

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