Cheryl Boch

Cheryl BochCheryl Boch, RPN, is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic nurse injector. She has extensive training in injection techniques of botulinum toxin to relax wrinkles, as well as injecting other dermal fillers for facial and lip contouring. Cheryl received her certification and training through Dr. Dariush Honardoust, BScMD, MSc, PhD. She continues to attend the latest workshops for dermal fillers to maintain superior leading edge techniques. Cheryl’s philosophy is to tastefully relax the appropriate facial muscles resulting in a face with a beautiful natural expression. Her artistry is amazing and her clients love her while always admiring the personal results received from her talents as a skilled cosmetic nurse injector. Cheryl believes in continued follow-up appointments to fine-tune individual results as facial features are constantly changing over time.

The owner of Wrinkle Free By Me is thrilled to have Cheryl join the team. Jill says, "Cheryl is exactly what clients want, a rare combination of skilled cosmetic injection skills combined with artistic vision. The results she delivers for clients are truly amazing."