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Cosmetic Injections Replace Cosmetic Surgery

Why risk the dangers that accompany cosmetic surgery when a simple injection(s) will suffice. Our before and after photos show amazing results. Let us help you too. Our clients our thrilled with their results. Take a look.

Belotero Balance treatment before and after anti-aging photos. Client is a 35 year old female seeking help with volume loss under the eyes. Note complete restoration of under eye volume and disappearance of dark circles under the eyes. All of this was done without the need for surgery.

Client Photo Before Injection.Client Photo After Injection
The client whose picture is below is a 42 year old female who also had cosmetic injection with Belotero to replace lost facial volume. Note the amazing transformation of her look to a more youthful appearance.
Before and After Photos
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Belotero Volume filler rejuvenation treatments before and after photos. Client is a 57 year old middle-aged male seeking anti-aging help. Note total face-lift results without surgery.

Client Photo Before 1st Belotero Volume Injection.Client Photo Before 2nd Belotero Volume InjectionClient Photo After 3rd Belotero Volume Injection
Client pictured below was seeking help to remove forehead wrinkles. Xeomin was injected in multiple locations and you can see the amazing results by comparing the before and after photos.
Xeomin Injection Results | Before and After Photos
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Radiesse treatment before and after anti-aging photos. Client is a 55 year old female seeking help with glabellar lines and marionette lines. Note softening of wrinkles. Additional injections could remove the lines completely. Also notice the complete removal of the marionette lines around the lips after injection. Treatment was cosmetic injection without surgery.

Client Photo Before Radiesse Injection.Client Photo After Radiesse Injection
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