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Derma MD Plant Stem Cell Lifting Serum

Derma MD Plant Stem Cell Lifting Serum

REVERSE THE SIGNS OF AGING with plant stem cells and keep your youthful look longer with this one-of-a-kind skin lifting serum. Read the key benefits that you will receive by using this formula on your skin. 1 oz (30 ml).


  • Stimulate stem cells
  • Lessen appearance of deep furrows
  • Have internal moisture to keep skin hydrated outside
  • Increase collagen levels
  • Skin tightening

KEY INGREDIENTS: Snail Filtrate, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and PalmitoyTetrapeptide7, Apple Stem Cell

This stem cell product will help you reverse the look of aging, and result in skin that has a more vibrant, youthful and radiant appearance. Apple stem cell extract and snail extract work together to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Allantoin, collagen, and elastin are added for skin repair, dead skin removal, and as an anti-bacterial treatment.