Xeomin is the New Botox

October 08, 2016 Jill Misangyi

Xeomin is the latest cutting-edge wrinkle relaxer and has superior performance properties when compared to Botox, Dysport, or other inferior brands offered in Burlington and neighboring cities. For example, Dysport uses column-based purification and requires 2.5 to 5 times more dosage
to produce equivalent effects. As a client you want to demand the best from your clinic, and Xeomin is truly the best. At our clinic we make the choice for you, and "we do not use inferior wrinkle relaxers". We also always discount the product at $8 per unit for affordability.

Why demand Xeomin? Although it is more expensive for us to buy it, our anti-aging clinic insists on the best results for our clients. First of all Xeomin botulinum toxin does not require refrigeration which simplifies delivering quality to the customer. Second, Xeomin has no additives. The additives in Botox, and other inferior brands, have proven to cause immunity in patients over time and therefore poor results for clients. These two reasons are enough for us to stay with Xeomin for all clients. Wrinkle Free By Me and Merz are always looking out for you.

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