Demystifying Botox | What You Need To Know

June 24, 2017 Jill Misangyi

Botox type wrinkle relaxers have been around for more than two decades now. The word botox itself has become generic and understood by most to mean the entire category of "botox type" brands. The base substance, botulinum toxin, also know know as the miracle toxin, has since been used by different pharmaceutical companies to create other botox type brands. Improvements have indeed been delivered to the market.

Veomin Is The Newest FDA Approved Product For Frown LinesAs with many original drug products, scientists have continued to re-invent wrinkle relaxers from botulinum toxin and have brought higher quality products to market. One of those higher quality products is from Merz Pharmaceuticals, and is branded Xeomin and sold by the same name. As a cosmetic services provider, Wrinkle Free By Me thoroughly studies what is available today, conducts testing, and insists on delivering the best available product to our clients. We do not expect our clients to do this, since we are the experts. We see many marketing gimmicks from others in our industry, and we refuse to take part in any of that activity.

It is important for us to provide value as an expert in our field, and that is why we choose Xeomin. It is the best available for our everyday low price of $8.00 per unit. How many units you will need depends on your facial muscle genetics, environmental conditions you are exposed to at work or play, and even your mood to some extent. For example, you may need more than average 30 to 40 units if you have been stressed lately.

The final topic I would like to mention is treatment timing. This is something that is being overlooked by many, and is actually quite important, especially for your face. We ask our clients to come in every 90 days for re-treatment with Xeomin to keep those wrinkles relaxed. What happens when you don't keep regular appointments is that you allow the wrinkles to come back and lines begin to deepen on your forehead and around your eyes. It becomes more difficult to relax the wrinkles and increases the number units required to keep you wrinkle free.

Do yourself and your face a favor, book your next appointment when you leave our treatment clinic so your treatment timing is correct.

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