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Xeomin Best For Frown Lines

October 08, 2016 Jill Misangyi

Xeomin is the latest wrinkle relaxer released to the market. Xeomin has superior performance properties when treating frown lines compared to other products marketed in Burlington to relax facial wrinkles. Other products use column-based purification which requires 2.5 to 5 times more dosage to produce equivalent effects. As a client you want to demand the best from your clinic, and Xeomin is truly the best for treating frown lines. At our clinic we make the choice for you, and "we do not use inferior wrinkle relaxers". We also always discount the product at $8 per unit for affordability. Why demand Xeomin for...

Belotero Single Syringe Promotion $399 Dollars

September 15, 2016 Jill Misangyi

Great news for our clients! We now offer the high quality dermal filler Belotero at $399 per syringe. This allows clients wanting treatment with lip filler a great path and price to more beautiful lips. Since we now don't require purchasing multiple syringes, clients can economically get perfect lips without the high cost. Please note that all treatment clinics do not use "high quality" dermal fillers like Belotero from Merz Pharma. Many use lower quality products when they advertise their low price. We always recommend using Belotero® for filling facial wrinkles and lip injections, Xeomin® for relaxing frown lines, and...

Dark Circles Under Eyes | Before and After Photos

August 16, 2016 Jill Misangyi

Belotero is an outstanding product to use under the eyes to hide dark circles. These before and after photos showing complete elimination of dark circles under the eyes says it all. Notice the complete disappearance of the dark circles and restoration of the fullness under the eyes. At 35, this client is a beautiful woman indeed, and it is quite amazing to see what the Belotero under eye filler did for her. Imagine what it can do for you! Contact us about our cosmetic injection specials today to book a free in-clinic cosmetic injection consultation.

Cosmetic Injections Open House A Great Success

August 08, 2016 Jill Misangyi

Our Burlington wrinkle clinic was rocked on Friday, August 5th, with great demand and the treatments were on. Cosmetic injections for many clients included multiple facial fillers such as Belotero and Bellafill, and additional products for hand rejuvenation such as Radiesse. Relaxing forehead wrinkles with Xeomin, the best neurotoxin injection product on the market, was also on the menu. Trudy said, "It was great to see so many happy faces receiving our long list of discounted cosmetic injection services." As owner and founder of Wrinkle Free by Me, I was also happy to see those smiling faces. Thanks to all...

Low Price Leader For Cosmetic Injections

July 25, 2016 Jill Misangyi

We already have the lowest everyday prices on cosmetic injections. We also now match ALL* promotional offers on cosmetic injection procedures in our market. Realize the savings everyday! Book Online Now *Excludes training facility pricing.