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December 30, 2017 Client Care

Wrinkle Injection Takes Both Skill And Artistic VisionWrinkle injection requires a skilled and experienced cosmetic nurse injector. I am a certified trainer of injection products like neuromodulators, facial fillers, and lip fillers. I have observed the many questions about cosmetic injections and the focus on results by the general public in the greater Burlington Ontario area. These questions and focus on results by people seeking cosmetic injection treatments for a youthful look have led me to write this blog post.

Lately, it has struck me that the majority of patient focus has unfortunately been on the price of a unit or syringe and not the expertise of the nurse injector. Due to this recent realization, it is my intention to educate all readers of an important fact. The price per unit for wrinkle Injection and price per syringe of all dermal facial fillers, should not be the priority. Instead, find a master level cosmetic nurse injector with more than a decade of experience.

Obviously, price is an important factor to most of us. Patients can feel at ease knowing that Wrinkle Free By Me medical spa has always offered the lowest price for injections and has been the low-price leader in the greater Burlington and surrounding areas for many years now. To address this price concern expressed by our valued clients, as well as the general public, we have advertised a "Price Match Guarantee!" on our website. It is our hope that clients can feel at ease that we will match competitor prices for our facial fillers and lip fillers as well as our neuromodulator product.

Taking the price factor out of the equation, patients can make the best decision for themselves. They can then focus on finding the most skilled nurse injector available to minimize facial wrinkles and restore their youthful appearance.

As a certified trainer for cosmetic nurse injectors of dermal fillers, I have always delivered quality to our clients. I do this by guaranteeing that the licensed nurse injectors working for Wrinkle Free By Me medical spa have the artistic eye and vision necessary to deliver optimal results. I also make sure my cosmetic nurse injectors receive continued education on the latest, most advanced facial filler injection techniques. We want our clients to feel safe, comfortable, and assured that they are in the best hands with our skilled nurse injectors.

The expertise of the nurse injector is a much more important variable than the price of a unit or syringe when it comes to replacing collagen volume loss and restoring a youthful look. In the end, clients who come to Wrinkle Free By Me medical spa get more for their money. When scheduling your next wrinkle free treatment, please consider all factors to make the best decision for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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