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Wrinkle Free Medical Spa knows looking good never goes out of style. We are a top rated med spa and have treated thousands of clients over the last 10 years. Read our reviews and you will see we have many happy clients. We offer a same-day FREE CONSULTATION before every treatment with no obligation. Schedule online in Burlington or Milton.

Our Medspa Approach Is Unique

You might ask, what makes our medspa different? We are guided by knowing how people perceive beauty. We know how men and women instantly recognize attractiveness. We perform non-surgical facial enhancement by applying the science of measurement. Our approach to facial sculpting mimics the work of cosmetic surgeons. Our medspa approach to creating beautiful facial features makes us unique.

We are also unique because we have a master level cosmetic nurse injector and certified trainer on staff. She has 20 years experience in non-surgical facial sculpting. She trains our licensed cosmetic nurse injectors in the art of non-surgical facial enhancement.

Medspa Director A Medical Doctor

We have a supervising Medical Director. He is a Medical Doctor (M.D.), not a nurse practitioner. We offer a same-day free consultation before all medical spa treatments. There are no fees due if you do not proceed with a treatment. Meet our treatment team with a no-obligation visit. Schedule online

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Our Medical Spa Reviews

Our clients are our focus. They come with many questions. We make sure we listen and answer those questions. We do our best to deliver medspa treatments that achieve the desired result. We address the needs and concerns of the client. We are in the beauty business and we know it. We help fight aging and keep our clients looking their best. Our client reviews show we care. Below you can read our client reviews.

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Our Medical Spa Treatments

Wrinkle Free By Me Medical Spa Branded AdIt is a fact, We make you look younger for less than other clinics. Our Burlington Ontario location has free parking. We have promotions for our injection treatments. We use facial fillers in the face, cheeks, and jawline. Our medical spa corrects eye bags with under eye filler. Dark circles under eyes disappear with under eye filler as well. Our medical spa uses lip fillers to add shape and contours to your lips.

We relax facial wrinkles for clients every 90 days to stop forehead frown lines. We treat crow's feet around the eyes the same way.

We offer vampire facials to restore skin to a younger you. We recommend vampire facials combined with other treatments. This helps avoid expensive and risky cosmetic surgery later. See our before and after treatment photos.

Medical Spa Questions

We have the answers to many questions about medical spa treatments. Some typical questions follow. Why do wrinkles form? Do you specialize in cosmetic injections? Why it is important to relax facial wrinkles every 90 days? How many relaxer units will I need? Do face or lip filler injections last more than 6 months? Do you have a long-lasting facial filler? How much recovery time will I need after treatment? Can I avoid costly plastic surgery with cosmetic injections? Do you perform chemical peels?  If you already know the answers to these questions, good for you. If not, we are here to help you get educated. Just contact our medical spa for a free consultation.

What are wrinkles? Wrinkles are simply creases and folds in the skin. As everyone knows, there are more of them as we age. Wrinkles in our skin develop due to repetitive facial expressions. Our skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic with age. Other factors that contribute to wrinkle formation include genetics, lifestyle, sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, and medications. Read this article on using cosmetic fillers to eliminate facial wrinkles.

Free Consultation - No Obligation

The good news is there are cosmetic injection treatments to minimize wrinkles. These treatments rejuvenate your skin and your appearance. We restore your skin vitality and we do for less than other medspas. The results will make you smile. Schedule your medical spa appointment and free consultation today.

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