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As a medical spa, Wrinkle free By Me is top-quality. We have the best prices too. Our medical spa uses licensed nurses. We have a supervising Medical Director. Our mission is making medical spa treatments affordable. We boost your skin vitality which makes you look younger. We offer a same-day free consultation before all medical spa treatments. There are no fees due if you do not proceed with a treatment. Below you can read our client reviews.

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Wrinkle Free By Me Medical Spa Branded AdIt is a fact, We make you look younger for less than other clinics. Our Burlington Ontario location has free parking. We have promotions for our injection treatments. We use facial fillers to lift wrinkle lines. We use under eye filler to correct bags and dark circles under eyes. Our medical spa uses lip fillers to add shape and contours to your lips.
We relax facial wrinkles for clients every 90 days to stop forehead frown lines. We treat crow's feet around the eyes the same way. 
We offer vampire facials to restore skin to a younger you. We recommend vampire facials combined with other treatments. This helps avoid expensive and risky cosmetic surgery later. See our before and after treatment photos.
We have the answers to many questions about medical spa treatments. Some typical questions follow. Why it is important to relax facial wrinkles every 90 days? Do face or lip filler injections last more than 6 months? Can I avoid costly plastic surgery with injections? Have you seen our live client facial filler treatments on CHCH TV? If so, you're at the head of the class. If not, we are here to help get you educated. Just contact our medical spa for a free consultation. Read this article on using cosmetic fillers to end facial wrinkles.
Bottom line, our medical spa offers top quality med spa services. We do it with affordable prices. We have the best prices to restore your skin vitality. Let us renew your youthful appearance. Use our online scheduling button below. Schedule your medical spa appointment and free consultation today.
Schedule A Medical Spa Appointment & Free Consultation Online