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Wrinkle Free By Me is a top quality medical spa. Our medical spa specializes in affordable medical grade cosmetic injections. We improve your skin vitality and make you look younger. We offer a free consultation and design a medical spa treatment plan with you prior to treatment. There are no fees due if you do not proceed with treatment after the free consultation. Medical Spa owner Jill says, "We Make You Wrinkle Free ..and for a Whole Lot Less". Find us in both Burlington and Milton Ontario. See our promotion pricing for all dermal fillers including facial fillers to lift wrinkle lines, under eye filler to hide dark circles, and lip fillers to add beautiful contours to your lips. Also learn why it is important to relax facial wrinkles to avoid frown lines and avoid crow's feet around the eyes. Get "Wrinkle Free" today. We know how to make you look younger!

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Do you wish to look wrinkle free? Have you been considering face or lip filler injections?  Do you understand dermal fillers, and other cosmetic injection treatments? Would you like to avoid costly plastic surgery? Our medical spa offers you the finest in-clinic anti-aging services available. In addition to cosmetic injections, we recommend Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for your face, neck area, and hair growth on the scalp. We can literally massage away wrinkles using your very own stem cells. PRP treatment helps avoid expensive cosmetic surgery. We know about the most effective products and special techniques to keep you looking younger. We work closely with our clients in reaching their goals for a youthful appearance. Bottom line, we make you wrinkle free and at the best prices!

Wrinkle Free By Me is top quality medspa committed to providing exceptional medical spa treatment services to every client. Below, you can read what our clients say about us.

Our appearance on CHCH TV Morning Live shows the popularity of our medical spa. Play the video below to see our founder, General Manager and RPN Certified Trainer perform a live client wrinkle filler demonstration on CHCH TV.

Wrinkle Free By Me Medical Spa Restoring Skin Vitality With Cosmetic Injections Live On CHCH TV
Our nurse injectors work under the supervision of our Medical Director. Our RPN nurse injectors are highly trained in special techniques that our trainers have learned from decades of experience in restoring youth with cosmetic medical treatments. Please read an independent study about the high level of client satisfaction after cosmetic injections to eliminate crows feet around the eyes. We look forward to working with you to restore your skin vitality and renew your youthful appearance with our medical spa treatments. Click on our "Book Now Online" button to schedule an appointment.

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